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Dream and plan now. Take your escorted tour with included airfare in 2022 or 2023.

Cape Breton Tour  |  Ireland 2022  |  (Switzerland Austria, Germany, Czech Republic) 2022  |  Scotland 2022  |  Portugal 2022  |  Italy 2022  |  Spain 2023 | Africa 2023 | Europe Christmas Market 2023


“This Cape Breton tour, featuring Inverness County, will be fun. We will travel at a relaxed pace, see some amazing places, meet some wonderful characters and listen to the music and stories. Come along.”
Ron MacEachen –Tour Director, Sandy Travel
Scotland is my favorite destination and a Sandy Travel tour allows me maximum enjoyment. Great itinerary at a relaxed pace. So much fun and so many memories. Scotland, in June 2022 will be my fourth tour with the company and I can’t wait.
Wilma Boutilier, Glace Bay
Ireland was my first tour with Sandy Travel. I traveled with my sister and enjoyed every day immensely. The itinerary really gave you a wonderful exposure to this unique island.
Colleen Piper – Calgary
Cape Breton Tour
We had great fun. Highly recommend these tours.
Betty Hatcher & Hector Mac Eachern - Sydney
Sandy Travel tours are perfect for me and Hector. The included features, accommodations, excellent tour guides and well planned itineraries keep me coming back for more. The 4 country Europe tour in 2022 with be my sixth tour with Ron.
Cape Breton Tour
I have toured with Ron to Scotland, Italy and now looking forward to Portugal in 2022. The tours are set at a relaxing pace. All the planning is done for you. You just enjoy the country and let the enjoyable experience unfold.
Georgie Gillis, Inverness, N.S,
Portugal -This relatively small European country checks all the boxes. Friendly people, historic towns with eye catching architecture, culinary pleasures, pleasant weather, port wine, beachside resorts are just some of what’s to explore and enjoy.
Bernadette Campbell-Hawthorne
Sandy Travel 4 Country Europe Tour featuring Switzerland, Austria, Czech Republic and Germany is a superb introduction to some fascinating countries. It will be fun. It will be relaxing. You will make friends and memories.
Ron Mac Eachen –Sandy Travel Tour Director.
Sandy Travel Tours offer everything we want in a safe and relaxed holiday plus some pleasant surprises. Ron and his colleagues at the destination’s look after you from start to finish. His attention to detail in planning of the tours is excellent. That is why we keep on touring with him. Cannot wait to get travelling again with two tours booked in 2022.
Marilyn and Jerry Pembroke, Ottawa.

2022 Escorted tours to Cape Breton featuring Inverness County -Two dates July 5-8 & Sept  6-9


 2022 & 2023 Europe escorted tours

You decide which tour is going to be your trip of a lifetime

Cape Breton Tour featuring Inverness County

Cape Breton Tours 2021 - featuring Inverness County

Oct 5-8, 2021 - featuring Inverness Co.

Italy Escorted Tour from Halifax

Magnificent Italian Delights including Tuscany

Italy,-Oct 11-21 2022, 11 Days/10 Nights

Spain Escorted Tour from Halifax

Magical Madrid and Amazing Andalucia

Spain - Magical Madrid May , 2023 11 Days/10 Nights

Ireland Escorted Tour from Halifax

The Complete Ireland Experience

Ireland -Rural and Urban Delights for all . May 24 -June 2,2022-10 Days/9 nights

Tour starts - Sept-25 -OCT 5,2022 -11 Days -10 Nights

Christmas Market 2023

Christmas Market

Christmas Market December 2023 - 3 day weekend

Africa Escorted Tour from Halifax

Africa Escorted Tour from Halifax

Africa 2023 - Escorted Tour from Halifax to Africa

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